Dalston Architects provides comprehensive planning application services for all scales of development projects.

Planning applications are becoming increasingly complex due to the ever-evolving demands on the performance of new buildings and structures revolving around sustainability and energy consumption specifically.

The need to intensify existing properties in London due to scarcity of land and ever-increasing house prices poses extra challenges.

Any new scheme should take an integrated approach involving planning as well as sustainability issues from the start to ensure a smooth planning process. The effects on privacy, trees, daylight, the visual appearance of the proposed development, traffic generation that may be caused, how road safety is affected, noise and other pollution and/or the impact on Conservation Areas for instance all need to be considered and solved satisfactorily prior to lodging a planning application.to ensure it is successful.

The planning process in London mostly comprises preplanning consultations with the council, and neighbour consultations and can require attendance at planning committee meetings in some instances. Supporting documentation e.g. daylight studies, Design&Access statements are a requirement and in many cases sustainability appraisals (Code for sustainable homes, BREEAM). Energy and CO2 emission, environmental and economic impact assessments need also be submitted.